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About Us
With 50 years experience in the gas handling, sampling and analysis industries our team of engineers provide industry leading design and consultancy services for gas sample systems. Originally specialising in natural gas, we have developed the business to also focus on gas processing and trace and difficult to measure components such as H20, H2S, Hg, O2, higher hydrocarbons and others. With a speciality in LNG production such as sampling from mol-sieve removal beds, sample vaporisation and ppb measurement we have experience in a broad range of applications while always ensuring fast, accurate and representative sampling.

In addition to our own products and services, our range of sampling technology known as VE Technology®, has been exclusively licensed to Orbital Gas Systems Ltd – please click on the logo below.

From initial consultation at project launch to full system design, we have experience in engineering a wide range of solutions throughout the world and covering the entire supply chain from well to burner.
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When designing systems and solutions and through experience of common problems that exist, we’ve highlighted a number of products currently available that are simply not fit for purpose and so with the desire to achieve a truly representative sample, we have designed in-house solutions.

o    An ever present problem in the gas sampling and analysis world is poor solutions for calibration gas cylinders – to overcome this, we developed our custom solution which provides electropolished surfaces, special coatings (such as SilcoNert) and eliminates many problems with current solutions.

o    In addition to improving Calibration cylinders and comparable problem is with the equally poor solutions and inadequate fill methods for sample cylinders. Often limiting the design of an entire system due to max fill pressures, operating temperatures or methods of connection the cylinders can have an impact prior to the start of any sampling. By improving the design of the ‘simple cylinder’, we can expand the operating parameters and vastly improve the surface, connection type and fill method to deliver the only products available today suitable for collecting samples in which trace analytes such as H20, H2S, Hg in ppb/ppt concentration can be reliably collected.

o    With increasing consideration given to the effects of ad/desorption and how it effects sample integrity, there is a common requirement to maintain entire sample systems at a constant, elevated temperature. To do this effectively and economically inevitably leads to a Zone 0 (Class 1 Zone 0) hazardous area within cabinets and enclosures. Instead of adding ventilation and accepting Zone 1 heating, we’ve developed a range of Zone 0 heaters. These heaters have also been licenced to Orbital, please click on the logo above for more information.
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